FMP (2013)

Keynote presentation 1

MARVEL keynote.001 MARVEL keynote.002 MARVEL keynote.003 MARVEL keynote.004 MARVEL keynote.005 MARVEL keynote.006 MARVEL keynote.007 MARVEL keynote.008 MARVEL keynote.009 MARVEL keynote.010 MARVEL keynote.011 MARVEL keynote.012 MARVEL keynote.013 MARVEL keynote.014 MARVEL keynote.015 MARVEL keynote.016 MARVEL keynote.017 MARVEL keynote.018 MARVEL keynote.019 MARVEL keynote.020 MARVEL keynote.021 MARVEL keynote.022

Here is the first presentation that i did to show my tutors and colleagues. which shows my idea’s and thoughts for what direction and what i could do for my FMP.

Idea 1

I first described how theres a lack of fame and knowledge based on developers in the video game industry, as many went to watch the movie ‘Django unchained’, because of the well known director ‘Quentin Tarantino’. The concept of the idea is to increase the popularity of game developers. I’ve thought of idea’s in which I mention the developers of the game with the product and packaging. I have to consider the casual buyers of that product is well, who will not spend over the standard price. By doing is allows them also to get a bit of the information. But the consumers who want to buy the more expensive package get more quality and quantity features. The example used is ‘The last of us’, which is new game coming out in 2013 by the developers ‘Naughtydog’.

Idea 2

The idea is called ‘The developers collection’, Which is a package that sell’s all the games of a certain developer. Which should show the rich history, philosophy and detail about the company. The collection should have the atmosphere of the past and overall structure of the developer and should feel like a valuable product for the consumer to buy. The ‘Playstation’ logo was used to indicate the exclusive developers that work for ‘Playstation’ only. Maybe I could base my collection products on them.

Exclusive ‘Playstation’ developers

Sony-Santa-Monica-Employee-Reveals-3-Cancelled-PS3-Games 194140-sucker_punch_super Naughty_Dog_Logo_copy

Here are 3 examples of developers who i can look into and base my packaging and product on.

Idea 3

The third idea is to create a new form of Medium, as i feel that it has the ability to be something seen as a new way of narrating through 3D digital scenes. The inspiration that i showed came from this feature in the game ‘Batman: Arkham City’. The video shows the atmosphere of the game and the 3D character models used in the game. I’ve thought of an idea in which the 3D scenes allow its detailed characters and environments to give off a certain atmosphere. Therefore making it on the same level as movies and other mediums with all the other elements e.g. music. But as explained in one of the slides, allowing the consumer to figure out the narrative by interacting with the characters and environments (clicking on them or touching them on a touch screen device). All these features should allow for a new and interesting way of story telling.

Link for slide 12 video

I then continue to talk about how strong the medium could be. Because of its atmosphere, focus and detail on elements. It can also be seen as a way of adapting and telling a certain story in a new vision and way. The best example for me to show this was how ‘comic book’ heroes stories were told in a movie format. ‘Christopher Nolan’s’, ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy, which were films based on the ‘Batman’ comic book character. Christopher Nolan was able to create a new vision for the story of this character to be told in a way which he felt was right for the movie medium. The trilogy have been a great success as it showed that the same story can be told in many different ways. The Nolan trilogy show that the barrier of copying the expected structure of the story can be broken and be shown in a new vision. Which i feel can also be done with my medium.

I wanted to create an example for my medium to show what i mean and how it works. I want to base around ‘Marvel’ comics character ‘Spiderman’. He is my personal favourite and I want to show my version and vision of his story. The question which rose to me was, do i show the story in its original form as done by other mediums first, as adapting from a certain medium to another may not be seen as relatable to the original source enough (They first need to see that common version of the story before a new vision can be done and understood). I used the example of the old Sam Raimi’s vision of the ‘Spiderman’s story and the new vision of Marc Webbs ‘The amazing Spiderman’ to show indication that i have to choose a direction.

3D software

I found 2 softwares that i thought i could use to create my 3D outcomes.


The first one is called ‘Blender’ and the second one is called ‘Unity’.


I downloaded ‘Unity’ and tried to play around with it. The software is used for creating video games, i wanted to use it for creating the 3D interaction for my ‘3D narrative’.

The video shows the detail of what can be made on the software.

I finally came to a conclusion that I cant use these softwares as i have no experience with them and also it takes years of training to create such detailed character models on ‘Blender’. Therefore my idea of using ‘Blender’ for models and ‘Unity’ for its 3D interaction cant happen. Then when i considered the idea of creating a company which create these ‘3D narratives’, but not actually make one. I could design the layout for how it will be played out, which i found inspiration from this ‘Uncharted’ info gram.

MARVEL keynote.021

The image shows the layout of all 3 ‘Uncharted’ games in a illustrated way.

In my presentation I tried to show that my outcomes can be documents for companies that we create the 3D outcomes for.

The last slide just shows all the idea’s bullet pointed, ready for feedback.


The feedback i got was to find other ways of creating my ‘3D narration’, maybe through another software and could also try something more 2D and artistic. The others idea’s did not seem strong enough and not as good as the narrative idea.


First draft Proposal


Here is a rough version of my ‘Proposal’, I wanted to show the direction and indication of what i could be doing. I have decided to go with the idea of telling a new version of ‘Spider-mans’ origin story.


MARVEL logo’s

Since I’m designing the new narrative for ‘MARVEL’, I felt I had to create a new interior company for them. Therefore i decided to look at existing logo’s they use in there media.



spiderman 790667_5218922_lz spiderman_sure_pisses_off_alot_of_green_guys_by_nebezial-d4ni8lv poster,superhero,design,minimalist,retro,vector-aff1b36c86e445a01365459d50baa0fe_h 41703485921

The images that i have above show an indication of what i want my outcomes to look like visually, I want to show less focus on detailed artwork like what you would see in actual comic books. I want to show more simplicity and vectorised images, which allows a more symbolic representation of certain scenes and character elements.


What i wanted to achieve at first


The first picture is the original design of ‘Iron man’ from the comic books. The second is a re-imaging, a darker version by the looks of it. I wanted to create 3D re-imaging like this, but don’t have the skills.


Comics based on (1966-68) Batman Tv show

Batman1966Logo batman60s

Here is a good example of how an adaptation, which is the famous Batman Tv show from the 1960’s, can also be adapted back to the comics.

The classic show had a less serious and more wacky humour compared to the Batman stories being told today or in the comic books. Which makes the adaptation unique with its style of telling an iconic characters story. The comic books being created based on the Tv show have also embraced its style to make it relatable and iconic to the Tv show. This overall shows how well an adaptation from the original can stand out on its own.


Batman (1966) comics information


illustrated movie titles

Movie titles

Here are great examples of simplistic posters based on movies. The whole concept of them, is something I want to achieve. Telling the hero’s story in a art form that is symbolic and simplistic towards the hero.


Geometric superhero illustrations

Geometric superhero illustrations


Here are great artworks created by ‘Liam Brazier’, some are based on super heroes. The artwork style gives of a 3 dimension feel because of the glass like layers, making an interesting style.


Super hero logo’s/ icons


Here are just some examples of the super hero icons. Which shows that if not all, but most super heroes have a recognisable symbol to represent them.


Batman logo’s

Evolution of batman’s logo

The link shows the gallery of all the ‘Batman’ logos used throughout the years, this shows innovation and strengh of the logo. The fact that no matter how many different variations to suit a certain telling of the ‘Batman’ story, the identity and symbol of the bat, is and always will be iconic to this super hero. If i am to create a new version of the ‘Spiderman’ story, i will need to do my research on his symbol and most likely create my own version of it.


Presentation 2

Marvel origins.001Marvel origins.002 Marvel origins.003 Marvel origins.004 Marvel origins.005 Marvel origins.006 Marvel origins.007

I had to create another presentation for my tutors and colleges, to show how my idea has progressed. The second slide shows the title ‘MARVEL: origins’, which i thought i could go with as the word ‘Origins’ represents the past and understanding of the beginning of the character or story. I was showing how that can be a good title for the project as a whole. I then described how i watched the whole Sam Raimi ‘spider-man’ movie (2002) for research as it shows the origins of the character and i felt by doing research on it, i could find some inspiration. The inspiration i found was from the news paper used in the movie and the ‘Spider-man’ universe as a whole, the ‘Daily Bugle’ newspaper. I showed the newspaper company’s logo on slide 3 and an example of the newspaper on slide 4.

The 5th slide was just a vector design i did, which represents the evil and good side of ‘Spider-man’. This slide just shows all the types of imagery i can use within my newspaper idea. The 6th slide does the same, it shows how certain kind of imagery, give off different perspectives and effects as the 6th one shows a more police report and makes ‘Spider-man’ look more like a criminal. The final 7th slide shows, how articles and layout can be used throughout the newspaper. My idea of creative narration can be pushed within a newspaper. The articles can be based around different viewpoints and give of different elements of the story, making the reader understand the story in a new way rather then reading a straight forward book.


  • I could base it on the existing ‘spider-man’ movies, so each newspaper on a different movie.
  • I could create the newspaper based on more then one super hero, which will help in making it longer.
  • Merchandising- for newcomers and old.


Legends of the Knight

There is a documentary based on the ‘Batman’ character being created, i found the trailer and it shows the philosophy of the character. This trailer really helps explain the importance of super heroes as a whole as there stories live on throughout the ages. This may only be based on ‘Batman’, but it represents comic book heroes as a whole. The fact that there stories are and should be told to all generations.


‘Spider-man’ story in ‘Marvel Universe’.

‘Spider-man’ story from ‘’.

From this web page, i have the whole story of ‘Spider-man’ from the very first comic book. This research has allowed me to understand the character as a whole throughout his existence.


‘Spider-man 1’ (2002) scenes showing philosophy.

After finding the ‘Legends of the Knight’ trailer, i had to find the philosophy of the ‘Spider-man’ character, as its the hero i want to base my narrative on. Since he’s my favourite super hero and i have to justify why that is. While watching the first Sam Raimi ‘Spider-man’ movie (2002) i came across the scene were ‘Peter’s’ uncle, ‘Uncle Ben’, teaches him about the value of gaining power. The iconic words, “with great power, comes great responsibilities”. These words are what the character has to live with, as he used he’s powers for selfish reasons later on in the film and that caused the death of his uncle.

‘Peter’ says: “what ever life holds for me, I will never forget these words…. with great power comes great responsibilities. This is my gift, my curse….who am I… i’m spider-man”.

Were he says “this is my gift, my curse”. shows that the power he has, make him stronger but they are also reminders of the mistake he made by using them for wrong and selfish reasons. Which lead to the death of his uncle. Therefore he has to always be ‘Spider-man’ as he wants to give his uncle’s death a meaning.

The philosophy: “with great power, comes great responsibilities”, applies to us all. An example would be a president, he has the power over his people, but he has to use it responsibly. We apply super hero philosophy’s to our personal lives, which is why there stories last for all generations.


Aunt May talking about super heroes and there importance.

This scene from ‘spider-man 2’ (2004) shows the importance of the characters around the super hero. ‘Aunt May’ who is portrayed throughout the characters life as a role model, explain to the hero himself, how important and symbolic comic books and super hero’s are. He teaches ‘Peter’ the importance of sacrifice, as he in the second movie gives up from being ‘Spider-man’ and wants to live a normal life without the pressures of doing what ‘Spider-man’ has to do.

She tell’s him: “sometimes you have to give up the things you want the most, even our dreams”. This shows that we cant have everything we want, even a super hero has to give up a few things for whats right. This makes the super hero more interesting and relatable, as he too, has wants and weaknesses like an average human being. Every super hero holds the same question to its fan and viewer, ‘what would you do if you had powers’?


Presentation 3

marvel origins 2.001 marvel origins 2.002 marvel origins 2.003 marvel origins 2.004 marvel origins 2.005 marvel origins 2.006 marvel origins 2.007 marvel origins 2.008 marvel origins 2.009 marvel origins 2.010 marvel origins 2.011 marvel origins 2.012

I started the 3rd presentation by giving the name of the concept of my project, the name ‘Creative narrative’ shows that I’m trying to tell the story of the character in a way that the consumer will understand the story in a more creative way. The 2nd slide is the video of ‘Legend of the Knight’, as i wanted to show the the importance of the originality of the character. As i wanted to express  a story from its beginning and reasoning.

The 3rd slide is me describing how an adaptation works, which in the comic book character’s sense is the comic book. The adaptations are examples such as moving the story and elements to other mediums such as movies and games, which are shown in the slide.

The 4th and 5th slide show how an adaptation is and should be made, which are the importance of using elements from the original medium and modifying them for a certain adaptation. The example I’m used in slide 5 is the villain from the ‘Spider-man’ universe, ‘Dr Octopus’. I’ve shown how the character from the comic books was adapted into the movie ‘Spider-man 2’ (2004).

The 6th slide shows how i wanted to construct my ‘Creative narrative’ for my earlier ‘3-D interaction’ idea, but i couldn’t as I do not have experience with 3D software. The 5th slide then retells how i did my research and came across the ‘Daily Bugle’ idea from watching the movie ‘Spider-man’ (2002). I then on the 7th slide show how my idea from the ‘3-D interaction’ can be applied to my ‘Daily Bugle’ idea, by using the elements within newspapers.

On the 8th slide, i describe my next steps. I have to construct the origin story of ‘Spider-man’, and creating my own version of it with my choice of elements from the ‘Spider-man’ universe and make sure everything makes sense and fits well. The last 3 slides after that, just show 3 popular narrative contexts, well known in ‘Spider-man’s’ universe.

The 1st of the 3 slides shows the ‘Spider-man’ logo stencilled on a wall by citizens of New York, who feel the character brings hope to the City. The 2nd shows the involvement of the iconic company from the ‘Spider-man’ universe ‘Oscorp’. The 3rd shows what the police think of ‘Spider-man’, who in there eyes is a criminal.


Daily Bugle research

I then decided to look more in to the ‘Daily bugle’, as i want to create my own branded version of it to tell my narrative.

The ‘Daily Bugle’ which is a Fictional New York City newspaper and is a regular fixture in the ‘MARVEL Universe’, which is mostly used ‘spider-man’s’ storyline. The newspaper first appeared in the ‘Fantastic Four’ issue 2 in January 1962), and its offices in ‘The amazing Spider-man’ issue 1 in March 1963.

The fictional newspaper is meant to be a pastiche of both the New York Daily News and the New York Post, two popular real-life New York City tabloids.

NYDailyNews New_York_Post_font_page_111307

Fictional story for the ‘Daily Bugle’ in the ‘Marvel Universe’:

The Daily Bugle was founded in 1897 and has been published daily ever since. The Daily Bugle is printed in tabloid format like its rival The Daily Globe. The editor and publisher of the BugleJ. Jonah Jameson, began his journalistic career as a reporter for the Bugle while still in high school. Jameson purchased the then-floundering Bugle with inheritance funds, from his recently deceased father-in-law and turned the paper into a popular success.


Picture of ‘John Jonah Jameson, Jr.’ from the comic books.

Comic books

DailyBugleCovers-1 1257072-daily_bugle___wednesday_july__19__2006____page_1_large

Here are examples i’ve found of the ‘Daily Bugle’ in the comic books. The logo uses a classic typeface which resembles typical newspapers. The typeface resembles ‘Times New Roman’. The difference is the use of the trumpet, its iconic as a symbol and has been modified.



This logo was created for the ‘Spider-man’ (2001) movie. The typeface used feels more like Broadway, less of the classic newspaper feel which the comic book logo’s had. The use of the colour red also help it look more modern. The trumpet is also used and is at an angle to make the whole logo look more dynamic. Everything in this look stands out and has a 3-D effect and it works well.

600_daily_bugle_1600MMS0111 Daily Bugle-Press-W

Here are examples of the ‘Daily Bugle’ used for the movie. The elements created work well as the colour red really works iconically, the typefaces and elements as a whole are more modern media orientated and it works well. The second shows a VIP tag, which I Fell could inspire me to maybe create extra things to be packaged with the newspaper.


Here is a picture of the actor J.K Simmons, who played ‘J Jonah Jameson’ in Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-man’ movies. I am also considering real people to portray the characters for my newspaper.


The example above shows the ‘Daily Bugle’ being used through history with real historical events. I thought of an idea from this, this is to maybe base my newspaper on the past of ‘Spider-man’, maybe take it back to the past. Then as his life continues in the media, so does the recreation and brand identity of the newspaper company.

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 19.18.30 Amazing-Spider-Man-2-daily-bugle

The 1st image is from the latest movie adaptation ‘The amazing Spider-man’ (2012), which shows relevance to the classic comic book version. Although it gets rid of the iconic trumpet with a new symbol. The image is from a scene in the movie, and in my opinion looks plain and boring.

The image on the right is apparently from ‘The amazing Spider-man 2’ which is going to be released in (2014). The logo now for this adaptation looks more similar to the ‘Daily Bugle’ in the Sam Raimi movies. It also does not have the trumpet within it, but the colour yellow is added to it. By adding another colour , will change how the newspaper looks and works.

Here is a video i found, which promotes the latest movie. The video shows similar to what i kind of want to achieve, which is to tell the story through news media. The video has an interview, it has a news anchor and a video showing the viewpoints and actions taken by the citizens of New York City.

A new ‘Daily Bugle’ logo is also present, which i feel does an ok job. The use of 2 trumpets makes the whole symbol look a bit odd from the bottom, but the  elements used for the fictional news channel were good and worked well for a news media.


Looking at typefaces for ‘Daily Bugle’ logo

After my research I looked into what typeface i could use for my logo.

Daily bugle typefaces Daily bugle typefaces2 Daily bugle typefaces3Daily bugle typefaces 2 Daily bugle typefaces 22 Daily bugle typefaces 23

One of these typefaces could be used for my ‘Daily Bugle’ logo. They range from being similar to the classic newspaper to a more modern style. With these examples I’m trying to see how all the typefaces will work in all their forms and weather i should do it in full capital or not.


Developing my ‘Daily Bugle’ logo


I also looked at existing logos to help me understand how most look, the typography is the main point and expresses the style of the newspaper.

daily bugle 2

I then started designing my logo and chose to go with the typeface, ‘impact’. As i felt it represents modern day newspaper and stands out from any image used within the logo. I also wanted to incorporate the trumpet, but it was separating the logo as a whole.

As i was developing I started to prefer the idea of, just using the typeface. It won’t over power the front of cover of the magazine, but the text will be a good over header to the whole magazine.

Daily bugle logo experiments

I then as developing considered the typeface ‘Haettenschweiler’, which worked well with my headlines in my newspaper. I then tried it as the logo and it fit well among the theme of the newspaper.

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 12.51.47

with further development, I had finalised my logo.

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 17.14.44Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 17.20.00

The finalised logo above, looks modern and sits well among the other elements of the newspaper. It doesn’t over power other things on the page its on with, but stands out on its own. The logo also works well with the ‘MARVEL’ logo, which could lead to other ‘MARVEL’ story’s being told through my newspaper style.



Spiderman-Oscorp-Logo 351488187 dsc06786

The company ‘Oscorp Industries’ in the ‘marvel Universe’ are known for there weapons industy and are going to take a a huge part in my story. Therefore I had to create my own logo for my adaptation. The logo’s above are from the 2 movie versions. They have a very corporate and high end feel.


I also looked at the ‘Stark industries’ logo, which has the feel of the logo going going in a direction, making it dynamic.

Final Oscorp logo

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 16.34.35

The logo that I have created has that moving direction that ‘Stark Industries’ has, that is because of the typeface ‘Dream MMA’. The dark green background helps make the logo look corporate. The light colours of the logo help show a military and feel, also help t stand out from the dark background.


‘Spider-man’ logo/sign.



Before i can create my own ‘Spider-man’ symbol, i had to look at all the existing symbols. This is a picture i found which shows if not all, most of the symbols. It contains all the symbols from the comics to the movies.

My logo within the story will not only appear on the shirt of ‘Spider-man’ but will also be shown as street art by the citizens of ‘New York’.

‘Spider-man’ symbol in movie Adaptation’s

spiderman movie logos

Here are the symbols used in the movies, the 1st 2 are from the 1st adaptation and the last is from the new ‘The amazing ‘Spider-man’ movie. The logo’s all show and represent the character and do well in being unique and different from each other.

Street art

spiderman_graffiti_street_art_in_nyc Dark+Knight+Rises+Soundtrack

Here are examples of super hero logo’s used in movies on the wall as street icons. The 1st is from the movie ‘The amazing Spider-man’ (2012) done by stencilling pain. The second is from ‘The dark knight rises’ (2012), which is done by chalk.


Final presentation

The spider-man.001 The spider-man.002 The spider-man.003 The spider-man.004 The spider-man.005 The spider-man.006 The spider-man.007 The spider-man.008 The spider-man.009 The spider-man.010 The spider-man.011 The spider-man.012 The spider-man.013 The spider-man.014 The spider-man.015 The spider-man.016 The spider-man.017 The spider-man.018

I had to do one last presentation, in which I showed how an adaptation works. and the development of my characters from the original source. I then talked about the symbol and how I wanted it to be similar to graffiti, which helps tie it with the story of the ‘Spider-man’ character representing the streets. But as i worked on it, it wasn’t coming out right and I then thought it should look more to the original source. So i based it on a quick drawn, classic version and made it digital. My final symbol has elements of one of the very first ‘Spider-man’ logo’s, with my changes, which are mostly applied to the legs (made them longer).

I then spoke about the book I started, but the feedback was mostly negative, Most said they preferred the ‘Newspaper’ idea, as it feels more relevant. So I decided to go back to it.

Chosen Villain

I have chosen a villain for my Spider-man’ story. The character ‘Mysterio’, as i feel he fits well into my story, which is very media orientated.



Information about ‘Mysterio’

‘Mysterio’ information from ‘’

I found information on ‘Mysterio’ from the ‘Marvel’ website, which had all the information on the character from the past to present. This page has given me information not just on his role in ‘Spider-man’s story, but in the ‘Marvel’ universe as a whole.


mysterio-a-500 Mysterio_(Animated) MYSTERIO

Here are examples of ‘Mysterio’ from different forms of media, the 1st from the ‘1967, Spider-man show’. The one in the middle is from the ’90’s’ TV show and the last one is from the ‘Spider-man 2’ video game (2004). Even the adaptations see the feature such as the head for a bowl as an iconic and important element. But i feel to make my story more modern i have to change a lot of the characters look.

TV show episodes with ‘Mysterio’.

Here is research i did to see and understand how ‘Mysterio’s’ story has been adapted into to other forms of media, which is really only TV shows of ‘Spider-man’. This could also inspire me on how to adapt his story into my reading medium.

The episode showed the emphasis of ‘Mysterio’ trying to make ‘Spider-man’ look bad in the media. The character himself was powerful and shown to be a physical and mental oppression towards ‘Spider-man’. The episode really didn’t really go to much into why he became ‘Mysterio’, but that allowed more space for ‘Spider-man’/ Peter Parker’s’ story to told. Overall the character did a great job of being almost an unknown illusion, which i feel worked.

The 90’s show was almost a reboot of the old episode, but with more depth as it went in to why ‘Quintin Beck’ became ‘Mysterio’. I also liked the theater references the character portrayed as it really gave of an interesting persona. The episode also made the other characters seem more interesting and make the whole episode more complex and more in depth.

The episode from this TV show i felt had an interesting message about understanding the art of illusion, as it was not only portrayed my the character ‘Mysterio’ but also was well referenced in ‘Peter Parker’s’ life. The Persona of ‘Mysterio’ was also different and artistic, reflecting the drama side of the character. I didn’t like the technology side such as the bats as they showed to much emotion for robots and it felt like a poor excuse for the replacement of the characters illusion.

Overall i have gained inspiration from all of these mediums and there versions of the story. I will try to create a story involving this character in the best and relevant way possible, to be true to the character. but i also want to create something unique for my reading medium.

Other inspirations for the villain


anonymous_by_onestopshopper2-d3b7i7m -Anonymous-Legion-Text-Quotes-Typography-Malcolm-X-Black-Background-Expect-Us-Fresh-New-Hd-Wallpaper-- anonymous1

I also found inspiration with the group ‘Anonymous’, as they portray themselves to be an organisation for the people. Which i want ‘Mysterio’ to portray that he is there for the people,but also slightly from a higher power viewpoint. I’m also considering the character to say famous quotes like the example of ‘Anonymous’ in the 2nd image said by Malcolm X.

‘The order’ from DMC (2013) game


I also found this character from the new ‘DMC (2013)’ game who in this trailer wears a mask and talks for the public. The deep voice, mask and clothing give of a image. I want ‘Mysterio’ to be similar to this.


2006_the_illusionist_wallpaper_001 the-illusionist-large


‘Mysterio’ from the comic books seems like a character who enjoys the classic theatre. I had a quick look at the characters clothing from the movie ‘The Illusionist (2006)’. The classic long coat and maybe inside a waist coat, which were well known themes for a stage performer to wear. I feel that this could inspire me on how to dress my version of ‘Mysterio’.

I also looked at other theatre themes such as the happy and sad mask, which are iconic elements. I could use them as the mask for my character because i want to create a more realistic and modern character then one who has a bowl for a head. I want the character to express himself in my story as a theatre character.


Final ‘Mysterio’ look


My final Mysterio has a magicians look, with the long jacket and the waist coat, I gave him a silver, almost reflective drama mask. Which supports his actor side and the reflective is similar to a reflective bowl that the character wears originally. He also wears magician gloves as his character resembles theatrical character with a sense of magic.


‘Spider-man’ character development

2013-04-24 16.13.37 2013-04-24 16.17.00 2013-04-24 16.41.18 2013-04-24 17.11.27

I first had to stencil the logo onto the shirt, it being stencilled helps give a nice graffiti feel, I went with the red shirt as it helps black symbol stand out and the red shirt stands out from all the other dark clothing the character wears.

spider-man spiderman backspiderman down spiderman-noir1

This is my final costume design, which were inspired by 2 versions of spider-mans. 1 would be the original and the other was ‘Spider-man noir’. Who wears a jacket and googles, with the combination of these 2 versions I was able to create a unique and very down to earth costume.


Newspaper development

2013-05-13 18.28.14-22013-05-13 18.23.552013-05-13 18.23.44

I first traced out elements of an actual newspaper, so mine will have the same look and functionalities. That allowed me to draw up, what my newspaper would look like page by page.


I then had to make that layout digital. I made the green rectangles to represent artless, which is the main structure of a newspaper. The black represents the placement of images and the red, represents article titles.

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 13.07.41 Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 16.34.40


Other characters

Chameleon character

Chameleon in the ‘Marvel universe’ has a very different story to what I portray him as in mine, I want him to be seen as the humour in my story.




The layout chosen helps make the titles standout like they would on a newspaper and the images and text are separated to there articles with red lines.

Final piece



The final piece works very well, with the light paper chosen as it helps it feel and look very much like a newspaper. The titles and placement of everything represents Marvel and newspapers.


I feel my final piece communicates well. I wanted to tell the story in a creative way, that was achieved through elements of a newspaper. This allows the reader to figure out the story rather then read it like a book, the reader is more involved. I am also happy with the original sources I created, such as the logo’s and costumes. I fell the photography could have been better, but at the same time feel the images suit a newspaper. Overall the design works as an adaptation and has unique but also relatable elements to it.


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